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Born September 17th, 1981 in Mount Holly, NJ

Died April 6, 1999 in Kill Devil Hills, NC


Angela was born at 5:58 PM on September 17, 1981 to the proud parents of Michael and Kathleen McGrady. Angela was a beautiful baby. She was very content and happy. Her father nicknamed her Fuzzy because she had very little hair. Angela lived all of her life in Medford, NJ. The first thirteen years Angela and her family lived with her maternal grandparents on a farm in Medford. She loved to play with her brother Brad and her cousins. Angela learned to swim at the age of four in her family pool. We called her our “little fish.” Two of her other interests were gymnastics and jazz classes. Some of the places Angela vacationed with her family were to the Poconos where she learned to ski at the age of 5 years old, and Charleston, SC where her paternal grandparents lived where she enjoyed swimming and making sand castles at the beach. One of Angela’s favorite places to visit was Disney World and her favorite characters were Winnie the Pooh and Friends. Angela developed her love for being in class plays during her elementary years at Allen School from kindergarten through fifth grade. As Angela grew into a young teen she continued her interest in acting. She performed in two musicals during her years at Medford Memorial School. Angela’s favorite movies were Grease, Coal Miners Daughter, Beaches, and Steel Magnolias. She had videos of them all. Angela loved the songs in each movie and would sing them word for word. When Angela was in seventh grade we moved into our home and she was very excited to have her own bedroom. She would dance around the house in her old tee shirt, green checkered pants and Winnie the Pooh slippers. Angela and Brad would joke and act like crazy teenagers. They shared a special bond of love and friendship. Family meant everything to her, especially on birthdays and holidays. Angela loved picnics. She would bake brownies, birthday cakes and her favorite baked macaroni. Angela had the choice of going to Shawnee or Lenape High Schools. She chose Shawnee so that she would remain close to her friends. Angela participated in Spirit Week and the Homecoming Dance. Some of her favorite classes were English, Creative Cooking, Photography and Art. As a teenager she spent a lot of time with family and friends, especially her best friend Shana and the Lawlers, her second family. Angela’s favorite hangout was the Medport Diner drinking coffee with Holly, Mike, Suzy, Bob and many other good friends. Some of Angela’s favorite CD’s were by Erica Badu and Aretha Franklin’s classic “Respect,” but she enjoyed many different types of music. Angela was a devoted Catholic and was a member of St. Mary of the Lakes Parish. She volunteered with her uncle to count the offerings after Sunday Mass. Angela’s jobs were working at the JCC Camp in Medford, baby-sitting for her three cousins and her last job as a CSA at Shop Rite. Angela’s dream was to own her own farm with horses, dogs, and cats. She loved animals, especially her two dogs, Buddy and Dylan. Angela was an excellent listener. We often joked that she was Dear Abby. She had this undeniable ability to always comfort people and make them feel good about themselves. She always had a bright, beautiful smile on her face that would light up any room. Angela enjoyed life and making people happy.