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AMANDA MARIE GEIGER Born October 14th, 1981 in Mount Holly, NJ Died April 6, 1999 in Kill Devil Hills, NC


If she couldn’t, it wasn’t because she didn’t try! This was a girl who wanted to learn everything she could about places, things, experiences, but most of all, about people.

Amanda tried everything she could. She started out playing soccer, and softball, and running track with MYAA. She branched into music when she sang with the junior choir at the Protestant Community Church, and then went on to take music lessons on 6 different instruments. She took art classes, and photography classes, joined the ecology club, and student government. After going parasailing, she tried flying lessons. For her, the horizon was a challenge, not a limit.

After being chosen as a People-to-People representative to South Africa in 1996, the summer she was 14, the world held a new interest for Amanda. After that summer, she said the most important thing she learned was that the kids there were just like the kids here! Her interest in travel and meeting people grew, and she went on to visit Germany, Austria, and Italy with the American College of International Studies in ’97 and ’98.

She involved herself with others. After school, she spent time doing crafts and playing games with an autistic boy. She did yard work, took meals, and spent time with an elderly woman in her neighborhood. With friends, she collected needed items and helped at soup kitchens for the homeless in Camden, NJ.

Amanda sought part time jobs that let her interact with others as much as possible. She worked in a pizza parlor/ice cream shop on the boardwalk in Sea Isle City, a bakery, a pharmacy, and a restaurant in Medford, and at Jiffy Lube as a “Courtesy Girl” in Cherry Hill, NJ.

She took her camera with her wherever she went, looking for scenes that portrayed different aspects of life, and began to read books on philosophy and different religions. She was planning a trip to Tibet for the summer following her graduation from high school.

The world beckoned, and she couldn’t wait to meet it. She finished high school in two and a half years, and was in the process of applying to colleges in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles, where she intended to major in business. She had hoped to spend time with the Peace Corps following college, before starting her own business.

Most important to Amanda, however, were her friends. This trip to North Carolina was a chance for her to spend time with good friends she felt she didn’t see often enough. Her excitement at making the trip is something we will never forget, knowing her last days were as happy as they could possibly be.

She will be forever missed by her parents, her brother Michael and sister Kelly, as well as her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

– Mike and Marilyn Geiger