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Key notes and samples from the curriculum accompanying the educational video

Objective: Students will be able to analyze and discuss the potential effects of their decisions and actions on themselves and others.

About The Video: An impactful 45-minute video describes how a chain of bad decisions led to the tragic deaths of four high school students caused by one person’s one decision to drive drunk. The video describes in detail the ways in which countless lives were affected including that of the drunk driver, her family and friends. The video could be used in a classroom setting or viewed during an assembly. Note – the video contains sensitive content and the content should be discussed with the students before, during, and after viewing. Please ask if any of the students know of anyone who was injured or killed in a car crash. These students should be able to make the decision whether to view this video because of its sensitive contents.

Before Viewing Video: It may be helpful for the students to have background knowledge of Blood Alcohol Count (BAC) prior to watching the video, as well as an awareness of the Zero Tolerance law for those under the age of 21. See: MADD “Why 21?”

Chapters (on timeline) 1:16  Self Reflection 2:35  Memories of Friends 4:05  Life Before the Crash 6:12  Last Day Together 7:08  Day of the Crash 12:36  Death Notification 25:25  Consequences 30:50  Memories of the Girls 38:12  Sentencing 41:52  Advice 50:38  Our Lives

Discussion Questions

  • If you were in a car crash, in what ways could your life be drastically changed?
  • Are you under the influence if you have only had a few drinks? Why or why not?
  • How might parents/caregivers react if police officers showed up at their door to tell them that their loved one had died?

During the video

  • Melissa Marvin said, “One decision, one milli-moment in time and lives are irreversibly changed.” What was that one decision and whose lives were changed? (Chapter: Death Notification and Our Lives)
  • Elizabeth Blong said that “her world stopped” when she heard the news of her sister’s death. What would happen to your world if a close family member dies in a crash? (Chapter: Death Notification)
  • How did Melissa Marvin’s decision to drink and drive impact Lou (Firefighter/EMT) who did not even know the girls? (Chapter: Consequences)

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