February 6, 2017

Our Story

At 2:50 pm on a sunny afternoon in Kill Devil Hills, NC, a repeat drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into a car carrying five high school students. One student, Michael Horner, suffered serious injuries. The other four students, Megan Blong, Amanda Geiger, Angela McGrady and Shana Lawler, were killed.

The drunk driver incurred only minor injuries.

A jury convicted the driver of four counts of second-degree murder and one count of assault with a deadly weapon. She was sentenced to a minimum of 60 years in prison.

What Have the Precious Gems Parents Accomplished?

  • Presented at the NJ Burlington County Sheriff’s Department Boot Camp
  • Presented in the NJ Burlington County “Save a Life” Tour
  • Participated in Fatal Vision Goggle Demonstrations in Conjunction with MADD and the NJ State Police
  • Presented for the NJ “Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center” Programs
  • Attended Drunk Driving Court Cases with Victims
  • Presented for MADD in NC with the MADD President
  • Organized “Ride4Life” Speaking Engagements at Schools from NJ to NC
  • Participated in Community Events Distributing Educational Literature
  • Organized “Coping with the Holidays” Workshops for Victims
  • Assisted with Support Groups for Crime Victims
  • Attended Classes and Workshops Advocating for Crime Victims
  • Attended “Parents of Murdered Children” Conferences
  • Donated Graduation Scholarships for Members of High School SADD Clubs
  • Donated an Audio Visual System to Cooper Trauma Center’s  Traumatic Injury Prevention Program for Teens
  • Posted Billboards in NC and NJ
  • Provided Various Local and State Representatives with Current Information Regarding DUI Laws
  • Organized the “Safe Spring Break” Rally at the University of NC
  • Assisted at NC Roadblocks
  • Assisted in Teaching Death Notification Classes at the Burlington County Police Academy


  • Florence Nass Memorial Victim Service Award Presented by the NJ Victims of Crime Compensation Board
  • Burlington County Prosecutor’s Special Service Award
  • Outstanding Women of Burlington County Award Presented by the Advisory Council on Women

Board Memberships

  • The Counseling Center for Trauma & Grief
  • Burlington County Alliance Steering 
  • NJ Coalition Against Impaired Driving
  • Burlington County MADD Chapter