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At 2:50 pm on a sunny afternoon in Kill Devil Hills, NC, a repeat drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into a car carrying five high school students. One student, Michael Horner, suffered serious injuries. The other four students, Megan Blong, Amanda Geiger, Angela McGrady and Shana Lawler, were killed. The drunk driver incurred minor injuries. A jury convicted the driver of four counts of second-degree murder and one count of assault with a deadly weapon. She was sentenced to a minimum of 60 years in prison.

Mike’s Account Of Their Last Day

My name is Mike Horner. I am the only teenager to survive a terrible car crash in North Carolina on April 6, 1999. It was a crash caused by a drunken driver, and it claimed the lives of my friends Megan Blong, Amanda Geiger, Shana Lawler, and Angela McGrady. This is the story of our last time together. Our last day actually began Sunday night, April 4th, when my Dad put us all on the bus to Elizabeth City, NC. We had just picked up Amanda, and it was my first time actually meeting her. I didn’t know what to expect, but she was pretty interesting. We met a couple of my friends on the bus making their way down to NC on a separate trip, and had a blast traveling with them. We had plenty to complain about considering the strange people we met and how uncomfortable the bus was.  Nonetheless, we all wished each other good luck on our vacations as Amanda, Ange, Megan, and I exited at our stop. Shana and her dad pulled up at the gas station on Monday morning, right on time at 7:30 to drive us on the one hour trip to the Outer Banks. We weren’t thrilled with the idea of anther road trip, but Shana was so excited to see us that we forgot about that.  She looked so cute in her braids and sweatshirt, and we knew it was going to be like old times again. Before we arrived at the house we’d be staying at we visited Shana’s new house that was being built for the Lawler family. We were so excited because this house was right on the bay and was shaping up to look like the ultimate beach house. When we finally got back to Shana’s current residence, we called all of our parents to let them know what was up and that we arrived safely. We laid out on Shana’s dock and later went in the hot-tub, which was so unbelievably cold that we ended up looking like ice figures in a snapshot of us huddled together. Later, we then visited Shana’s sister Jesse while she was working at her Natural Wonders-like store at the beach. Right after that we walked across the street to the sand hills and Amanda whipped out her faithful camera and took candid’s of us running in the dunes. We all decided it was a good idea to eat dinner, so we picked up Shana’s friend Morgan, and headed off for some Chinese food. We saw the dumbest movie ever after that, and decided to go to the beach and camp out for a while. We chilled out (literally-the wind whipped us red) in the gazebo on the beach until 10:00pm, and then headed home. Tuesday morning I woke up to hear Mrs. Lawler cooking breakfast and telling me to sleep in Jesse’s bed. Shana was the only other one awake, and we watched the tube for a while. Amanda and Angela were so soundly asleep that we left them in bed as Megan, Morgan, Shana, and I left to drop off Morgan at home and Shana at work. Megan and I decided to continue our healthy tradition and took a jog around Morgan’s development, talking about everything under the sun. We came to our lazy senses and quit after 3 laps, and drove home to pick up Angela and Amanda to go the beach and meet Shana when she got off work. Before we left we decided to do something nice for the Lawlers for letting us stay at their house, so we scrubbed their car clean. We got to the beach at about 1:00p.m., and Angela brought her walk-man with her so she could sing along (aloud) with her old cassette tape of The Band. She was turning brown as a brownie in the intense sunlight, and Amanda claimed that her own skin wouldn’t get tan if she laid in the rays for a week straight. Angela joked that she was the hottest thing on the beach in her bikini, but Meg informed her that she thought her own shorts-pulled-up-over-the-bathing suit was a much sexier look. Shana joined us and for a while it seemed like things were going to be perfect. We stayed at the beach for half an hour longer, and then called it a day. By now it was about 2:45 p.m. We walked to the car, and Megan got in the driver seat. I got in the front passenger’s side and Amanda, Shana, and Angela all got in the back. We pulled up at the intersection and at the green light proceeded to make a left hand turn. The last thing I remember of our time together was looking out the driver side window and seeing a speeding car bearing down on us. The force of the crash knocked me unconscious. When I came to, we were never together again.